Adult Mimi and Will 'Feminist' Tee

Adult Mimi and Will 'Feminist' Tee

  • £15.00

We’re delighted to offer these amazing, empowering tees, courtesy of the always awesome Mimi and Will, designed by von Zubinski!

At a time when women's rights are under threat globally, and many people are reluctant to identify themselves  as feminists (, we thought it was time to release our latest design.  

This t-shirt is for women and men who:

 - agree that boys and girls/men and women should both have to do the same kind of chores at home, not separate ones that are just for boys, and some which are just for girls
 - agree that boys and girls deserve the same amount of pocket money, or treats, if they are the same age and have both been good
 - agree that girls should get safe access to medical care, even for conditions that don't affect boys (and vice versa) 
 - agree that boys and girls can be scientists, ballet dancers, politicians, business leaders, paramedics, stay at home parents - in fact boys and girls can grow up to do any job they have chosen, studied and worked hard towards
 - agree that there's no such thing as a boys' t-shirt or girls' t-shirt!

All t-shirts are produced in accordance with standards set out by the Fair Wear Foundation, use eco-friendly ink, and are GOTS certified organic, to be kind to your skin.   These t-shirts get softer and more comfy the more they are washed and worn, with minimal loss of shape or print integrity. 

All tees are ready to post!